Gary & Sue R. - 1955 Chevrolet 2 Door

Gary & Sue R.

I just wanted to thank you and everyone at My Hot Cars for an extremely pleasurable experience in purchasing our dream car. Thank your friend that sold it to us, will you pretty please? We are so happy with that car. We keep going out to the garage to look at it and make sure that it is still there and it wasn’t just a dream. You and the staff at My Hot Cars are top notch and we appreciate the no-pressure sale, the answers to our 5,000 questions with grace and patience and just an overall quality experience—top to bottom. We will point everyone who will listen in your direction if they want a quality and special car-buying experience. Brad was really great too, that process was so smooth it was unbelievable. I thought we would be there at least ½ of the day to do the paperwork part. Gary is in heaven with his/our new beauty and we have a ball just driving it around. I found it extremely easy to drive. I thought I would have to really muscle it around, but it is super easy to drive. I’m not afraid of it at all. Thank you for making everything so special for us. If we die tomorrow (heaven forbid), we will die happy — thanks to you. Many, many, many thanks! Sue (Gary too!) Thank you Sue and Gary, It has been my goal to make every customer that has purchased a vehicle from us over the past 24 years to feel as good about their purchase as you do. Hope to see you crusing by soon!!!!