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John Verhoek – Sales Manager

925-727-4744 | johnv@myhotcars.com

John Verhoek has been working with us since December 2000. He has been building and restoring cars from the age of 15. He entered the auto industry in 1982, and purchased his first Corvette when he was 19 years old. Since then he has owned, built, modified, and sold several Corvettes. In fact he and his wife, Julie purchased one of their Corvettes from Kassabian Motors over 20 years ago, before he joined the company. His passion for and expertise in Corvettes has earned him the nickname “Johnny Vette”. John has been an officer in a local Corvette club and is involved with numerous Corvette functions and shows. John has a small collection of vehicles he enjoys. Among his recent additions is a 2015 Stingray and a  2012 Corvette Grand Sport Centennial Edition.  John recently completed the restoration of a 1954 Jaguar XK120 Drophead, which has been in his family since his childhood. Additionally, as a new service to our  customers, John is using his years of experience  the automotive industry to do Appraisals for USA Hot Cars. John will eagerly share with you his knowledge and passion for Corvettes, as well as other classic and muscle cars that we have in our beautiful showroom.

Brad Kassabian – Owner

925-292-0922 | brad@myhotcars.com

Brad has been a classic car enthusiast for as long as he can remember. His first car, a 1967 Camaro Rally Sport, he restored during his teens. For 15 years he worked at Good Chevrolet in Alameda, learning all aspects of the automobile industry, while he completed high school and college.  1989, he and his father opened KASSABIAN MOTORS, the beginning of his entrepreneurial adventure. Now, he and his wife Trinis, have opened their new business: USA HOT CARS, INC., in San Ramon, CA. This brand new operation displays some of the most beautiful, rare and desirable Classic and Muscle Cars that you will find anywhere. Brad’s enthusiasm and knowledge of classic cars is something he has eagerly shared with thousands of customers, helping them to get the Classic or Muscle Car that they have always wanted. Brad feels fortunate to be able to spend each day doing something he loves, introducing others to the joy of classic car ownership!

Danny Laurente – Business Partner / Operator

Certified Technician / IDA Member
925-380-6209 | danny@usashineshop.com

Danny has always had a passion for detailing cars since his high school days. When he was a young boy growing up on Guam, he would detail family and friends cars like it was his own. Over the years, Danny continued to detail cars not only for enjoyment but also since he believes in proper care and maintenance for vehicles. Recently, Danny retired from United Parcel Service (UPS) where he dedicated 30 years in Management and traveling the world. Now, he has the opportunity to pursue a passion and focus on one of many things he truly enjoys, detailing cars. Danny is professionally trained and certified through the P&S Detail Studio. Danny also loves golfing and hiking and is an avid runner and a huge Disney fan!