Larry McHale - 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner

Larry McHale

I absolutely love my 69 Roadrunner!!!! My plan for the last 15 years was to end up building a 69 roadrunner somewhat like the one you guys sold me, but when I seen that one, I knew I could never build it as beautiful and awesome as that one…..”it is the bomb” and I love it. Everyone that has come over to look at it, is just in awe of it and can’t believe how nice it is! It is the coolest car in our whole province. When I started this process, I was pretty nervous because I was warned about buying “pretty” cars from the states, but the more I talked to you on the phone, the better I felt. Coming down to actually see the car was an awesome experience for me because I had never done anything like that before and as soon your driver and “my friend Roland” picked me up at the airport, I felt good about it because him and I really connected. Roland is such a nice guy and it was fun chatting to him about his “friends”, it was a very cool experience for me. Going to My Hot Cars was very fun, no pressure, unbelievable showroom with stunning classic cars and I was treated like a king, thank you to all of you. Bobbie, it was awesome talking to you about the car and you made me feel real comfortable about buying the car. Chuck, you are a great guy, got me a good deal and it has been fun. “Brad Kassabian”, you are a class act!! You made the whole “scary” process of importing the car go very smooth and once it started, the next thing I knew it was at my front door in a completely covered transporter. I think you have an incredible business there with high quality cars and a fantastic staff, so keep up the good work. I would highly recommend your business to anyone. In the near future, my wife and I want to fly down to see San Francisco and would love to come for a visit and drool at all the cool cars in your showroom……and just maybe my buddy Roland would pick me up at the airport again! Brad, say hi to all the guys for me and thanks again for the great car and fun experience! Larry McHale