Mike Cole

You know, I’m not even sure where to start this testamonial. So, I’ll start with the arrival of the 1970 Chevy El Camino that arrived here in Phoenix, Arizona on Tuesday 2-4-14. Another pleasant transaction with you, Chuck. You are the man and you do what you say your going to do. The El Camino is the 12th car I’ve purchased from you over our 20 year relationship. You have always been straight forward and looked after my best interest. Brad, you have been great and made sure I got the best deal I could get and the financing on the cars has always been good. I could go on and on about the both of you guys. But, I’ll keep it short and to the point. If cars and I mean special cars are what your looking for, these are the go to guys as far as I am concerned. Who knows there maybe car #13 in the future. thumbs up Hello Chuck, each day with the car is a new experience. Yesterday, I looked in the ash tray (I don’t smoke) and there was a clicker for a remote car alarm. I saw the red light in the dash but duhhhh. Took the car to my mechanic on Tuesday and with that oil pan 8 quarts of oil WOW …I feel like I own TEXAS or something. Smooth on the highway with plenty of get up and go…healthy and sounds nasty. Just what I need for my 70th birthday coming up in May……Thanks, Mike Very, Very Attractive El Camino, one of the best I’ve seen.